Regardless of location or time, we are one team, sharing knowledge and expertise, collaborating globally to deliver in an accelerated timeline.

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Local knowledge, global expertise

We recognise the advantage that local knowledge and expertise bring to our projects, not just in terms of familiarity with statutory codes and requirements, but also in understanding the culture and sensitivities of our clients in different regions.

How we work


Our approach is to progressively introduce the most advanced digital tools to design ever more efficient and cost-effective buildings for our clients. From Concept to Construction Details, Building Information Modelling (BIM) is utilised during all design stages and across the majority of projects currently undertaken by the firm, regardless of scale.

Our current capabilities encompass the production of intelligent digital models suitable for quantity take-offs and production scheduling as required; incorporating other consultants’ BIM information and the coordination of the same; clash detection across all disciplines; production of as-built drawings and assisting Facilities Management post-construction.

BIM is a process that involves modelling and managing a virtual representation of the physical and functional characteristics of buildings, effectively creating a replica or facsimile of the construction process and its end result – a completed building or buildings.

Project Management

UHA’s international Project Management and Construction Management teams have overseen the successful delivery of a wide range high-end developments incorporating residential, commercial, retail and leisure uses, including a significant number of high-rise and super high-rise projects.

Our expertise includes typical PM / CM services such as project programming and consultation strategy, scheduling and activity breakdown, procurement and construction strategy, commissioning, operation and maintenance, as well additional services such as assisting our clients in setting up their own in-house PM teams.

UHA firmly believe that multi-disciplinary team building and consensual decision making is essential to the successful outcome of every building project. We endeavour to implement the necessary processes from an early design stage, to ensure expeditious delivery, whilst carefully monitoring construction budgets, to provide the highest quality end-product.

UHA project management

Sky Tower sketch (2018), visualisation (2019) and photograph (2022)
UHA Skytower Limassol Cyprus BBF luxury highrise 2021 Graphisoft Awards


Globally, the construction industry accounts for almost 40% of C02 emissions, meaning we as designers and our patrons alike, have a significant responsibility to develop ever more efficient, low impact designs that touch this earth lightly, by minimising carbon footprint.

Some of the most impactful and beneficial decisions we can take, happen at an early project stage and generally have a negligible effect on cost. By carefully examining the site, and selecting the optimal location and orientation of the building, we can significantly improve its performance in terms of utilisation of natural daylight, minimising heat gain, and solar energy capture.

For larger scale buildings on denser urban sites, more detailed computational fluid dynamic (CFD) studies, allow us to study in depth the effects of the surrounding built environment on our building designs and enable us to optimise 3-dimensional form making and façade design to a high degree of detail. This in turn enables us to reduce the amount of structural and high-embodied energy material used in or designs.

By looking at the whole life cycle of the buildings we design, the materials used in their construction, their adaptability for change and potential for recycling, we can help to redress the current imbalance.

Visualisations, VR and AR

In terms of quality and capacity, our in-house visualisation team rivals any dedicated visualisation company, and offers a complete service for the production of marketing collateral. From atmospheric renders for low-key soft launches, to fully animated video flythroughs for public presentation, we can provide a broad range of materials to assist our clients in understanding and marketing their projects.

From their inception, projects are developed to a high degree of three-dimensional detail, which allows us to provide breathtakingly impressive views from Pre-Concept stage onwards. This in turn enables the launch of early marketing campaigns resulting in significant front-end sales.

We have fully embraced the latest visualisation techniques and can offer interactive VR and AR deliverables enabling Clients, customers and tenants alike to be ‘in-the-space’, long before the space physically exists. We pride ourselves on accuracy in our visual output and continually review and compare these benchmark visualisations with design and production drawings to ensure the design intent is maintained throughout development and construction stages until completion.

UHA Sivriada Island Icon Istanbul Turkey Architectural Render


We are dedicated to the assessment and enhancement of our working standards, ensuring continual improvements to workflow and communication with our clients and collaborators. We are pleased to hold the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management

ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications